Do not cross standing water…flooding already leaves one car submerged

COLUMBUS, Ga.- A low lying parking lot is a victim to all of the rain and leaves a car submerged in an isolated situation.

Christina Pugh says she left to take a friend to work early this morning and there was some standing water in the Bull Creek Apartments parking lot off of Woodruff Farm Road. However, in just thirty minutes when Pugh returned she says the mild flooding turned into a mess and trapped the gold car smack in the middle of the parking lot.

Folks are having a hard time getting to their apartments because of all the flooding.

Pugh tells News 3 she and her daughter have lived in these apartments for five years and this is the worst flooding they have ever seen.

“Not as bad. You can normally drive through it. It will just tip the top of your tires, but as you can see this time and it almost got the whole car,” says Pugh.

If you even suspect flooding in a road way turn around and don’t drown! Bob Jeswald, WRBL’s Chief Meteorologist, says more people are often injured or killed from trying to cross standing waters than tornadoes.

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