$20,000 worth of gifts stolen from Toys for Tots

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– Over $20,000 of donated Christmas presents that were going to be given out to New Haven kids were stolen from the Dixwell police substation, police said. The presents were supposed to go to 3,000 families in need. Neighbors didn’t think anything of it they thought the volunteers were removing the presents.

“They saw people loading up toys into trash bags and taking out toys in their hands, putting it in their cars and driving away,” said Metashar Dillon with Kingdom International Development Corporation.

On Monday, disappointed parents expected to pick up several presents to put under the tree for their kids. Cappericnae Edwards said, “that’s all my child got. One book and one toy. They were supposed to get at least three toys.”

They say it’s heartbreaking that anyone would steal from children.

“They go to school and they look forward to their little Christmas break, and all they think about now is Christmas,” said
Cappericnae Edwards. “I mean that’s their picture of the world.”

The United Way, New Horizons school, and local businesses are coming together to make sure every kid in New Haven will have a present to unwrap this Christmas. “We have regular civilians that are walking up to the table bringing toys to restore what’s been stolen,” a representative said. “Every kid is still going to have a beautiful Christmas.”

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