Unethical businesses prey on soldiers in Columbus

Columbus, Ga.- Soldiers should beware because the local Better Business Bureau says their “transient nature” can make them vulnerable to unethical businesses in the area. Leonard Crain with the BBB here in Columbus says he sees it time and time again.

Crain says the types of businesses he’s seen prey on our heroes over the years are big purchase places like car dealerships and furniture stores. He says they tend to get real creative with the finance plans and put the soldiers in a risky place.

Because they are typically here in the Chattahoochee Valley area just a short time Crain tells News 3 they and their families leave behind all of their consumer connections and are almost blind when they arrive here.

He also says it’s common to have soldiers while deployed contact them looking for guidance for their family left behind.

“We have soldiers contact us via e-mail and to help them with a spouse with a circumstance with a transmission repair and other things like that. They are sometimes have trouble with that… so we fill in and step right up,”says Crain.

He also says the first time the local BBB gets a complaint against a business it’s added to a database specifically for military. As soon as they see a pattern of bad business practices concerning our military they report it to Fort Benning’s command staff so they can then educate their soldiers to stay away.

The BBB has a whole section dedicated to the military on their website.

You can also call them at (706) 324-0712 or visit them at their Columbus location at  500 12th St, Columbus.

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