Good Deed Snowballs into Something Special


A simple act of kindness two years ago turned into a special friendship.

It all started with spreading a little Christmas cheer.

“Good morning Matthew.”

Timmie Glover has been delivering to the Tull Family for four years.

“They’re just a super family. they always greet me and say hello.”

Two years ago during Christmastime the family gave him a $25 gift card to say thank you.

Matthew Tull says they wanted to do something nice for him. “We thought we worked the poor guy so much we wanted to give him a gift for christmas.” >

Timmie was surprised by the kind act, “I wasn’t expecting it so when i got it, it really warmed my heart.”

Glover was so thankful for the thought of the gift card two years ago he wanted to do something special for the family.

So he created a custom University of Georgia painting for the ultimate Georgia fans.

“Llittle did they know what they were getting into.when they received the first painting. They were like wow.” said Glover.

Tiffany and Matthew Tull agree he has filled their hearts. “He has blessed up beyond what we started off with one painting and now we have five individual beautiful paintings.”

That’s right. Five different paintings for all five of the Tull children.

After two years, he just delivered the last painting.

Each has his or her own painting proudly displayed in their rooms.

“All special. All individual. Whatever they wanted skateboard, jeep, tank, firetruck, and a dirtbike,” says Glover.

And for that first kind deed two years ago – it’s blossomed into something special they all hope the children notice.

Tiffany Tull is thankful her kids have learned this important lesson in love. “They’re learning about giving this season and overflowing because we have been given so much.”

“If someone gives you something, you should always give back and then pass it on. it’s contagious,” said Glover.

Mr. Glover hopes the kids will be able to keep the paintings when they get older so when their kids ask about the painting they’ll be able to tell them the sweet story of how one good deed creating many more.


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