Valley Rescue Mission is in Need of Toys

valley rescue mission needs toys

After just a week of being open, the Valley Rescue Mission’s “Toy Store” is already seeing bare shelves.

And now they need your help.

The community donated hundreds of toys to the Valley Rescue Mission this season, helping roughly 800 families have a merry christmas.

Families started shopping at the Valley Rescue Mission’s “Toy Store” this Monday.

They had to sign up in September to be eligible to receive these free toys for their children this Christmas.

These toys will help roughly 1500 children.

Debra Ballamy has volunteered here for six years.

She discovered the toy store when she was a single mother of four and loves to help those needing a little assistance.

“We’ve all been in that position before. it’s not anything to be ashamed of. you should be grateful that someone is there to help you. a lot of times they look at me and cry and i give them a hug, you know.”

The Valley Rescue Mission will be giving away toys through next Friday.

Only those families already registered are eligible to receive the free toys.

The “Toy Store” is in need of all toys especially those toys for children ages 9-12.

If you would like to donate toys to help the Valley Rescue Mission, you can drop them off at any location.

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