Mobile dairy classroom visits local school

COLUMBUS, Ga. – A special guest visited students at Rigdon Elementary School Thursday.  The Mobile Dairy Classroom came to the school.

The cow, Molly, weighs 1,500 pounds and produces eight gallons of milk on average a day.  The goal of bringing a cow to school is to introduce kids to where dairy products come from and teach them about healthy eating habits.

This is the first time a cow has visited any school in the school district.  The Muscogee County School District’s Assistant Director of Nutrition, Tiffany Lawrence, said kids seeing a live cow for the first time is exciting.

“A lot of kids haven’t been exposed to that type of item so, for them to actually see the cow and to relate that to what’s on their plate as far as the milk that’s what I’m most excited about,” Tiffany Lawrence.

Molly came all the way from Barnesville, Georgia.  Kids learned Molly is a Holstein and produces four gallons of milk twice on a typical day.

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