LaGrange school wins national award

LAGRANGE, Ga. – Students and teachers at Rosemont Elementary School in LaGrange have worked hard to win a top award.  The U.S. Secretary of Education recognized Rosemont Elementary as a National Blue Ribbon School due to their high academic performance.

Principal Natalie Givins has been at Rosemont for more than a decade.  She said their success comes from a combination of things.

“We have a great community so, I think the building of relationships with our parents and having them involved and being part of a team.  Our community is very supportive and then I think we just have outstanding teachers,” Givins said.

Teacher Carla Cook went with Givins to receive the award in Washington D.C.

“The excitement in Washington was something that I wish everyone could experience because we were with educators from all over our country and it was so astonishing and exciting to speak with them and see how much we really in common,” Cook said.

Rosemont’s success goes beyond test scores.  It translates into lives and homes, too.

“I just want to see each and every child reach their best potential, their fullest potential, and grow and that’s our responsibility,” Givins said.

Givins said their school would not be where it is today without the support from parents.

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