LaGrange Gateway Mural Is Now Finished

LAGRANGE, Ga. – The gateway enhancing mural in LaGrange is finally done.

The mural was designed by a world-renown Georgia artist and was completed with the help of the community.

As you drive into LaGrange you can see your view is a little bit more interested. according to the locals it’s getting rave reviews.

The mural is all along the side of the Lagrange Art Museum’s Center for Creative Learning.

The artwork is called “Honeycomb” and created by Atlanta-based artist Deanna Sirlin.

Folks have noticed and most say it’s a welcome addition to the community.

LaGrange resident Candace Baker says,

“I think it’s a great addition to the community you can’t miss it when you’re coming into town. i think it was really great that the community was invited to participate in the painting of the mural.”

Candace’s son Collier noticed the mural too. “It looks gorgeous. It was painted in red, blue, and green.”

The LaGrange Art Museum was able to do create the mural because of a $10,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

The project took roughly two months to complete.

This mural has been a community project with volunteers from local businesses, students, and the Boys & Girl’s Club.

They all came together pitching in about 1,000 community hours to make this a reality.

The mural took forty gallons of thirty different colors of paint.

Sirlin was chosen out of a pool of 50 different artists.


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