Columbus’ first CNG facility opens

COLUMBUS, Ga.- Wednesday morning, Columbus’ first Compressed Natural Gas facility opened off Armour Road.

American Fueling Systems will now be open 24-hours a day and 7 days a week offering CNG.

afs1This is the second largest station in the state and joins more than 20 CNG stations in the state.

The fuel reduces carbon emissions by 30%, increases the run life of a vehicle and reduces fine particulate matter by 90% as well as giving off no gas smell.

American Fueling Systems CEO Rahim Charania spoke to how the fuel is domestic. He said, “Let’s stop sending our U.S. Dollars to foreign countries like Sauafsdi Arabia and people that don’t have our best interest at heart. This is a domestically sourced fuel. We get it right here from Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Texas, Virginia. Let’s start keeping our money in the United States for the benefit of our people.” Charania added that over the last 10 years, the U.S. has exported over $4.3 trillion to oil producing countries that are not the United States.

The station accepts all major credit cards as well as credit with American Fueling Systems

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