Surviving the holidays with food allergies

The holidays can be stressful enough, but for parents with children who have food allergies, this season can be nerve-racking.

Dr. B.J. Lanser, an allergist at National Jewish Health in Denver has some simple tips to avoid holiday hazards. First, don’t go anywhere without epinephrine and never eat anything you are not 100 percent sure is safe.

“It’s the only lifesaving medicine we have for anaphylaxis and so any time we could come in contact with something we’re allergic to, we need to have the epinephrine available,” said Dr. Lanser.

If you’re invited to a party – RSVP, ASAP. Make sure you talk to the host early on about safe foods for your child. If possible, volunteer to host the party yourself – and have others bring non-food items so you can control what children with allergies might eat.

Finally, whether you’re hosting or attending a party, make sure food labels are available.

Keeping the original packaging can provide parents valuable information and some peace of mind.


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