Grant to help students studying for GED exam

COLUMBUS, Ga. –  Some students taking another try at getting a high school education now have the chance to take the GED test for free.  Columbus Technical College’s GED program just received a $1,600 grant from Flint Energy to use for scholarships.

In order for students to get the scholarship money to take the GED exam, they need to fill out a scholarship form and pass the pretest.  Terrence Jackson takes classes at Columbus Tech to prepare for the GED exam.

He already filled out the scholarship form and passed the pretest.  Jackson said this scholarship will help him do more than just further his career.

“I want to be the father that I’m supposed to be for my kids.  At the same time I want to be the husband I want to be and I want everything to be on the same level so if my kids ask me something, she asks me something I’m able to give a correct answer then,” Jackson said.

April Hopson, Director of Adult Education at Columbus Tech, said their support for students does not stop when they take the GED exam.

“We’re not here just to make sure you accomplish your GED.  That’s just the first part.  The main goal is to help people get to the two-year degree or a certificate, a diploma.  Anything to help them achieve a career,” Hopson said.

Columbus Tech’s GED program is completely free other than the cost to take the exam.  A full GED exam costs $160.  The scholarship is enough to cover the costs for 10 exams.

The program provides students who pass the GED exam with a cap and gown.  They have the opportunity to participate in Columbus Tech’s graduation.

According to the State of Georgia Census of Need, more than one million Georgians age 25 and older do not have a high school diploma.  Muscogee County makes up just under two percent of that total.


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