President and Experts Warn of Discrimination Against Muslims

COLUMBUS, Ga. – In the president’s address Sunday night – Obama urged everyone to **not** turn against one another after the shooting in California…to not let the fight be between Americans and Islam.

President Obama strongly condemned isis and called the mass shooting in San Benandino, California a terrorist attack.

In his speech, he said quote — “what we should not do is reject the proposals that muslim americans who reject ISIL’s destructive ideology should somehow be treated differently.”

I spoke with Mark Strunk at the Pastoral Institute.

He says you can’t make assumptions that all people are a particular way.

“We all don’t have the same fingerprints. we’re individuals. i think that’s what Obama was asking. Other people are asking too – treat people as individuals don’t try to stereotype people because of their choice of faith.”

Strunk also reminds us other mass shooters have been christian – and even American veterans.

In his speech last night – President Obama also urged Muslims to help the country root out extremist ideology.


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