IRS impersonating scam lurking during the holiday season

Columbus, Ga- We are in the heart of the holiday rush, but sadly it means the scammers are a little extra pushy to get their hands on your money.

Tax season immediately follows the holiday season and the CEO of the local Better Business Bureau, Leonard Crain says the Chattahoochee Valley is already blitzing red hot for an IRS impersonating scam.

He says our area is aggressively being targeted by thieves pretending they are from the IRS and demanding your money.

Crain says these Grinches aren’t messing around, but are aggressive, “They are telling you that they are putting you in jail immediately and they are asking for your credit card and debit card information immediately.”

He also says, “It’s the season where we are ready to pay taxes so it’s one of those times where they begin to get hot on those phones again so be aware. If you get a call and even too if you get the call and you hang up they may call you right back. They will tell you they are calling from the police station and they are about on their way and they are going to arrest you.”

Besides trying to intimidate you, Crain also says this year’s tax thieves are savvy and they are even rigging the caller ID to make it look like they are actually the IRS calling from the Washington D.C. area.

Crain says if the IRS officials need to contact you they will never e-mail, call or text, but will always send a certified letter through the mail.

If you are approached by or fall victim to one of these IRS scammers then report it to the IRS. This way they can continue to grow their database against these criminals. You can file a report over the phone at 1.800.366.4484 or online at WWW.TIGTA.GOV.

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