Local artist draws inspiration from UGA

local artist

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Whether Mark Richt is the head coach at Georgia or not, one local artist is committed to capturing the bulldogs with his colored pencils.

Jerramen Washington has had a strong connection with bulldogs since he was a young boy.

“My little league football team was the Bulldogs. So I grew up right in the mix of Bulldogs. Then, being in the State of Georgia, you know, you can’t help but see the G everywhere you go. Then it also helped that I had family members that attended the University. So there was no way around it.”

Jerramen’s medium of choice is colored pencil.

“Pencil is faster because with the paint you have drying times and mixing and stuff life that that kind of slows you down.”

When you examine Jerramen’s artwork, it looks like a painting.

“I strive to make it as real as possible, close as possible. My goal is to try to make it look like a photograph.”

“I try my best to make each individual section of that drawing a picture in itself. So if I work on the arm, I’ll sit there and study that arm for hours. And I’ll move on to the jersey, then I move on to the helmet.”

Jerramen has captured quite a few Georgia players with his pencils.

“Senior leader and big time wolf pack member Jordan Jenkins is from Harris County. We communicate a lot. He’s supported me a lot through social media by sharing my work, spreading the love through the nation.”

Jerramen’s lastest picture is of Freshman Terry Godwin’s touchdown catch in the endzone against Georgia Southern.

“It was an awesome catch first of all a catch that we needed. And so, I’ve been meaning to do something with the new freshmen that came in because they’re such an impact. And what other way than that catch to seal the victory for us against in-state rival Southern.”

“How about the coaching staff? How about Coach Richt? Have you ever had a chance to meet him? Nah, I’m not that lucky. I’ve actually talked to Coach Sherrer, which is a position coach for the outside linebackers, and he requested a picture of my drawing. So I was able to print up a picture for him and send it to him, so that was pretty cool, too.”

“Do you feel like what you’re able to do is a gift from God? Most definitely, most definitely. And I feel like He put me in a position to reach so many different people through my artwork, and so I just try to make the most of every opportunity that I have with it.”

Jerramen started out drawing in church. He told me it was a way for him to keep quiet.

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