Command officers serve Thanksgiving meal to soldiers

FORT BENNING, Ga. – Soldiers and their families got to enjoy a hot Thanksgiving meal on Fort Benning Thursday.  Chain of command officers served food to soldiers of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team.

Sgt. Mitchel Smith came to show his support for other soldiers by enjoying a Thanksgiving meal with them on post.

“All the soldiers don’t have their families here where they can be with them at home so this is my way of saying hey, you know, I’m right there with you and come sit down.  Have a little bite to eat with them,” Smith said.

LTC. Fred Tanner is one commanding officer who served food to soldiers and their families.

“We use the traditional type Thanksgiving holiday as an opportunity to give thanks and basically for all their hard work and their service,” Tanner said.

It took months to prepare Thursday’s Thanksgiving feast.  There were even 16 different cakes all decorated by hand.

“The cooks here, this is their Super Bowl so I’m going to serve, but then I’m going to go eat.  I’m looking forward to the food,” Tanner said.

At least 600 soldiers and their families came to enjoy a hot meal and fellowship.

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