Cookin’ up a fond memory

cookin up a fond memory

COLUMBUS, Ga. – It’s good from time to time to reflect back on folks who were once regular guests on our air waves. Lois McCosh belongs in that category. She made weekly appearances on the Rozell Show cooking her favorite recipes.

When Lois turned 90, Phil Scoggins shot a story in her kitchen showing off the cooking skills she was famous for.

When I arrived at Lois’ kitchen, one look around and it was obvious she had been on TV before.  I felt like I was on the set of Rachel Ray.  The food was elegantly displayed.  The accompanying decorations added just the right atmosphere.  Lois remembers having a knack for cooking back in elementary school.

“I took Home Ec. in the sixth grade and I took it all the way through high school.  And my teachers they really helped me so much.”

Lois became a household name thanks to the Rozell Show.

“For 37 years I was either on her show at least once a week or we’d do a whole week of cooking.” One year leading up to Thanksgiving Rozell actually taped her show from Lois’ kitchen.

A few decades later and Lois is still serving up delicacies from her kitchen.  In fact she’s come out with a collection of recipes at the urging of one of her daughter-in-laws who thought it would be a great legacy to leave her family and friends.

“There are some great, great recipes in there, some I never thought I would share.  But I decided this being a legacy that I wanted all my friends to be able to do some of the things that I have had fun doing through the years.”

On this particular day Lois worked her kitchen magic and whipped me up some of her favorite dishes.

Tomato aspic… Cheese blossoms… Durkey Turkey… Cheese Pair…

And topping off the meal…her scrumptious lemon cheese cake.

“Now I’m not bragging, I don’t want you to think that.  I know texture when I see it and I do think I have the best texture of any cake that’s made today.  It’s just like velvet and has a wonderful flavor.”

Lois is now 96-years-old and doesn’t look a day over 70.

Her eyesight won’t allow her to cook anymore, but she still has famous cookbook available.

You can get her cookbook at Dinglewood Pharmacy or The Columbus Museum.

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