Students collect food during Hunger Awareness Week

TROUP COUNTY, Ga. – One Troup County elementary school is fighting hunger by giving back to the community.  The students at Long Cane Elementary are happy about the amount of food they collected for their community.

Students learned about the importance of helping others less fortunate during National Homelessness and Awareness Week.

“We’ve been doing lessons on empathy and kindness and giving and obviously the kids embrace that and they really overwhelmed us with their participation,” said school counselor Caroline Davidson.

Students and teachers wore pajamas to school on Friday for bringing in canned food.  Students spent the week learning that a small contribution can make a big difference.

“Most people, they don’t know what starving is, but you would really know what starving is once you get there because a lot of people doesn’t have homes and we’re just thankful for what we have,” fifth grade student Brashaud Atkinson said.

The donated cans will go to the local Salvation Army.

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