Health Department: Use caution when choosing your body artist

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Health officials are receiving increased reports that the area is seeing more unlicensed body artists.

West Central Health District Environmental Health Manager Jerome Deal says,

If you are considering getting a tattoo or body piercing, ask your artist to show you their current permit and health department inspection report for their establishment. Body artists without permits pose a hazard to the health and safety of their clients, they are putting their clients’ health at risk and may expose them to serious infections such as Hepatitis, HIV or other types of blood borne pathogens.

Unlicensed body artists and studios are putting clients at risk and may get exposed to infections such as Hepatitis, HIV, or any blood borne pathogen.

Deal also says that any person, firm, or corporation operating a tattoo studio in the State of Georgia without a valid permit is breaking the law.

You can report any unlicensed body artists to your local law enforcement or county health department to keep the community safe.



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