Reaction to the Muscogee County low test scores

COLUMBUS, Ga.-Test scores are out for Muscogee County’s Milestones Assessment Test and for the 8th grade and below the scores aren’t looking so good. As you might imagine many parents are concerned.

While, Patrick Knopf, the director of standardized testing for the Muscogee County School District says he was hoping for better scores this go around. He says he is not defeated because they are looking at the big picture plan. He says the plan they are currently phasing in teaches to the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE). He says the GSE incorporates common core learning. He says common core is basically a new way of learning that puts critical thinking skills into play. He says it takes time to properly teach it to the students and for them to remap their brains toward this style of thinking.

Parents say common cores makes helping kids with homework difficult.

In response to these upset parents Knopf says, “As a parent and doing homework with my own child myself who is student in the district. I see it and I understand that its very different than the way we were taught than the way we were expected to learn now and I see first hand how it can be confusing to a parent and again going back to the way the children have to problem solve. And I think which means we have to do the same when we are looking at it and it can be frustrating.”

The scores from the high school testing wasn’t quite as low. Knopf says there’s a reason they were higher. He says the older students have already been exposed to this new strategy of learning. He says the high school scores give him confidence the younger students will eventually adapt to the new way of learning and new way of testing too.

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