Parents encouraged to participate in student’s education

HOGANSVILLE, Ga.- At Hogansville Elementary School, students aren’t the only focus of the family.

November is “National Parent Engagement Month,” a time to highlight the role parents, grandparents and guardians play in a student’s education.

“We’ve really made a conscientious effort this year from August until now to really boost parent engagement and parent involvement,” said Nicole Stewart, the Parental Involvement Coordinator for Troup County Schools.

Part of that effort includes open communication with parents through newsletters and the website. Principal Bret Bryant also holds workshops to keep parents current on what their kids are learning. “Math standards have changed a couple of times over the years and one of the frequent pieces of feedback we hear from parents and even the grandparents is,  ‘That’s not how I did math. I don’t understand how my child’s getting that answer,’ so we’re conducting math workshops just to help our parents with the new math standards,” he said.

Candace Truitt is a parent who agrees that teaching is different from when she was in school, so staying involved is important. “Being involved, it helps you understand what’s going on with testing, with behavior. It helps with your children’s behavior when they see you at school constantly,” she said.

Melanie Baswell, the school’s Family Liaison, said, “It’s really been wonderful to see the parents grow, they think the children are growing, but the parents are growing as well.”

Though parental involvement is this month’s focus, everyone agrees that is a year-round goal.


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