BBB Warns of Potential Holiday Scams

BBB sketchy delivery notice

The Holday Season is upon us and experts want you to know about possible scams this time of year.

Last week, one of our co-workers at WRBL received a gift card delivery notice left on his door.

He wasn’t expecting this and it asked him to call a number to find out more.

When WRBL called the number it was a message asking us to leave our information.

Better Business Bureau Leonard Crain with the Better Business Bureau says, “They’re just going to come by and anonymously stick a card in your door without any information. This card tells us nothing about what our products are or what the solicitation is. They tell us nothing about what the company is or the products. It’s sketchy at best.”

According to Crain, they have not received any complaints on this particular solicitation but they have received complaints on similiar solicitations.

He did call the number and left his information at the BBB to call him back because he received a complaint.

Crain adds now the holiday season is upon us, beware of emails or texts asking for you information for a deal on a gift card.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is!

If you have any concerns or questions about a local business, contact the Better Business Bureau of East Alabama, West & Southwest Georgia.


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