Troup County Sheriff’s Department Growing Facial Hair for Charity

TROUP COUNTY, Ga. – If you see a Troup County Sheriff’s Deputy looking a little unshaven, just know he is looking like that for a good cause.

Captain Shane Frailey had the idea to grow a beard or goatee for charity. They’ll do this for the next three months.

Forty employees started growing their facial hair on November 1st.

Each person gave $75 to be a part of the fund that will be used to help employees or other in times of need like a loss of a loved one.

The money will provide that extra support.

“It’s something we’ve never done here at the Sheriff’s Office. So a lot of people were excited to do it and it goes to a good cause – our own people and others in need,” said Sgt. Stewart Smith.

This concept was inspired by the No-Shave November Challenge.

Participants donate the money they would typically spend on shaving while raising awareness for cancer.

You can find out more about No-Shave November at this website –



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