Mother of injured Columbus man speaks out

Tammy Cain says she wants justice for her son.

Tammy Cain was furious when she saw caution tape and law enforcement presence up and down her family’s neighborhood.

Cain’s son, Towon Earl, was the victim of an officer-involved shooting that originally began as Columbus Police stopping him on suspicion of burglary. Earl, 29, was shot in the leg after police say he didn’t comply with orders. CPD says one of their officers tried to arrest Earl. That’s when they say Earl changed his car’s gear to drive and started to pull off, dragging the officer.

According to Columbus Police, the officer then shot Earl once in the leg. During the series of events, the officer suffered a gash to the head once Earl’s vehicle ran into a building. Both he and Earl went to Midtown Medical Center for treatment, Boren said.

Earl’s mother says she wants to set the record straight. She found qualms with police stopping her son in the first place. Cain says Earl was just dropping his kid off in the neighborhood located on 28th St. between 3rd and 4th Avenues.

Tammy Cain says she wants justice for her son.
Tammy Cain says she wants justice for her son.

“I’m just mad and upset because it’s my kid,” Cain said. “If it was your kid, you should be outside trying to see what’s going on with them. And if he was right, I want some justice to be served.”

When asked about her son’s previous criminal record, she shot it down, saying it didn’t matter in this case. Cain has also spent time behind bars.

“However y’all want to look at it, it was wrong. My son shot…and I’m not just going to let that happen. I’m not gonna sleep like that. My grandkids could’ve been shot. My daughter could’ve been shot. That’s not caused for. Y’all gotta do something. Columbus is corrupted. They got their own law and I ain’t having it.”

As many as five officers were on the scene, Police Chief Ricky Boren shared with News 3 during a press conference. Cain believes there only needed to be one officer for a suspected burglary or even a pedestrian traffic stop. She also says when officers found a gun and possibly drugs inside Earl’s vehicle, they had already overstepped their boundaries.

“I want that police suspended, fired, whatever…because he had no right of shooting him.”

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has taken over the shooting, since it involves a Georgia law enforcement officer. The GBI has not yet shared dash cam video, but they say they will continue to process the scene.

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