Floating Classroom Helps Educate Community on West Point Lake

TROUP COUNTY, Ga. – Students in Troup County were able to learn their lesson on the lake today.

The Chattahoochee Riverkeeper is hoping to reach out to the community through its new floating classroom, “Miss Sally.”

The Riverkeeper raised $90,000 from individuals and companies in the area to create this floating classroom.

The main reason is to educate the kids that the lake is everyone’s lake and everyone’s responsibility.

“It was an idea, a way to get people out of the classroom and on the water and it’s been hugely successful,” said Henry Jacobs with the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper.

This custom built 42-foot vessel holds forty people, plenty of room for a big class, parents, and teachers.

“They can have a fun time doing something that’s actually beneficial and educational,” said LaGrange Academy Science Teacher Mickey McCoy.

This classroom on the water provides on a fun way for students to learn more about West Point Lake, the source of the area’s drinking water.

They want to make sure the students know it’s everyone’s responsibility to keep it clean and safe to drink.

The students use binoculars to see wildlife, like blue herons, then they learn more about the water through a variety of hands-on activities like dissolving oxygen, testing pH levels turbidity.

One student’s mom Anna Knight was very excited to be a part of today’s outing. “I think they’ll remember it a lot better by actually being on the lake and testing the pH opposed to just learning it in the classroom.”

LaGrange Academy 7th grader Pearson Knight enjoyed his day of learning on the lake, “We were all given binoculars to look at the lake and stuff.”

This floating classroom is the second one in Georgia. “Miss Sally” is a replica of the wildly successful 15-year-old “CHOTA” floating classroom in North Georgia on Lake Lanier.

In just three months, Sally has been a success too and Riverkeeper reps are excited about what this education means for the community.

“It gives the people of this community a sense of ownership for West Point Lake and the Chattahoochee River,” said Jacobs.

“Miss Sally is not only for classrooms, the floating classroom is open for charters for all groups.

Columbus Tech and Oxbow Meadows has been involved too.

For more information go to http://chattahoochee.org/



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