Cast of NCIS: New Orleans explains what’s new in second season

NEW ORLEANS (KLFY) – NCIS: New Orleans is in its second season and the cast and crew hope to give viewers the perfect mix of drama, culture, and action.

“We are portraying more into the background of the character,” Executive Producer Jim Hayman told KLYF’s Gerald Gruenig.

Lucas Black, who plays Special Agent Christopher LaSalle, said, “The writers are always keeping us on our feet so that is fun for us.”

“There is tons of great TV potential in this room,” added Zoe McLellan, who plays the lead female character Special Agent Meredith Brody.

One of the biggest additions to the NCIS: New Orleans storyline in season two is Pride’s Bar.

After his divorce on the show, Special Agent Dwayne Pride (who is played by Scott Bakula) buys a bar and refurbishes it throughout the season.

“This is the old Trutone. It represents everything about New Orleans. This room has an incredible feel. It’s really special,” Scott Bakula told KLFY.

The old Trutone is actually modeled after the R Bar in New Orleans, but it’s not the only new addition on the set this season.

NCIS New Orleans added two full-time characters to their cast. The first is NCIS Agent Sonya Percy.

Percy is a former alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives agent played by Shalita Grant, “Sonya is the resident badass. She is tough. She does it all. But she learned last season she needs to be a part of the team.”

The second is investigative computer specialist Patton Plame, played by Darrell “Chill” Mitchell.

Mitchell uses a wheelchair on and off screen because he became paralyzed from the waist down after a motorcycle accident in 2001.

Chill’s disability is something the cast of NCIS New Orleans wants to shed light on, “I think it’s cool. You never know what someone is going through so I like how this aspect of my life will come up in the conversation.”

“I bring my son to set. It’s cool he met Chill and he said ‘Look, mom, Chill’s chair has wheels. That’s a cool thing.’ Chill is just one of us,” McLellan explained.

As the second season progresses, the crew of NCIS New Orleans looks forward to working in a region that takes pride in its culture and people.

“This whole Gulf South region takes so much pride in what they have been through. There is no place like this town anywhere in the United States,” Bakula said.

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