State of economic development event held

COLUMBUS, Ga,- Various members of the Columbus area gathered at Columbus State for the Columbus Chamber of Commerce’ State of Economic Development.

Those in attendance spoke to the progress being made to various areas of the economy. One topic that received a lot of attention was the Regional Prosperity Initiative. This is an in-depth plan that shows how to make the community stronger. The presenters during the event say there is not one specific that needs to be done to make the region better, “We need to address some of the varying opportunities we have, whether it’s work force development, whether it’s education, whether it’s attracting and incentivizing new business being here in our community, there’s a number of things we can do and when we work those things, the overall outcome’s going to be very positive,” Chair of Development Authority of Columbus Billy Blanchard said.

state of

The presentation that the areas of economic activity for the region are: finance and insurance, manufacturing, business support services, travel and tourism as well as Fort Benning. The target business sectors are: insurance and financial services, aerospace, call centers, financial technology and information, automotive parts and shared services.

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