Harris County to vote on E-SPLOST Tuesday

Harris County residents will be going to the polls Tuesday to vote on several issues.

One of them is the renewel of the E-SPLOST. The one cent sales tax will provide money for renovations and improvements to Harris County Schools

According to Harris County Superintendent Jimmy Martin, New Mountain Hill Elementary is the only Elementary School with its original air conditioning system and it costs more to fix it than replace it.

Harris County Carver Middle School would receive a new roof.

The money would also provide purchasing technology, school buses, textbooks, and renovations, and improvements within all schools.

Martin wants the voters to know its not an increase in taxes, it’s just a renewal, “if they buy anything in Harris County everybody pays it not just property owners.”

Martin adds this referendum will give the district the opportunity to remain competitive.

If the one cent sales tax is renewed, then the school system would receive the $14.5 million over a period of 5 years.

Also on the ballot in Harris County, the town of Waverly Hall will consider Sunday Alcohol Package sales. It would allow stores in town to sell malt beverages and win on Sundays between 12:30-11:30pm.






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