Family and friends remember Northside High Student on her birthday

MIDLAND, Ga.- Natalie Pegram lost her life on October 17th in a car accident in Tennessee. Thursday would have been her 18th birthday.

Her mother, Elizabeth Harmon says, “It’s a milestone for every parent. Your child is reaching the age of maturity and to not have your child physically there to celebrate on your 18th birthday is something I wouldn’t wish on any parent.”

More than 100 of Natalie’s friends and family gathered at Pierce Chapel in Midland to give her birthday the she did not get.

In addition to the cake, her Northside High choir that she was a part of sang the same songs she did, this time, they sang to her. The event was a time to laugh and cry. That’s what people in attendance did throughout the evening.


Those who knew Natalie took to the microphone to share their fondest memories of her. One of those was Nikki Hill. Hill met Natalie in high school. She says the two shared a love of Zelda and of Japan, as Pegram was the president of the school’s Japanese club. “It’s just like losing a part of myself with her gone,” Hill said. “I didn’t get to tell her, but I got a 3ds and I got Majori’s Mask on it, so Natalie, I’ll be playing that for you.”

Her chorus leader, Rhonda Turner read the book she read to Natalie in class. That book was “Pete the Cat.” A book that those in attendance shares a message that represented Natalie.

Thomas Wright met Natalie a few years ago in art class. Wright says she was sitting by herself and he went up to and their friendship started immediately. Wright says Natalie had a great personality and he considered her a sister. Wright added that Natalie sent him text messages talking about their friendship and he plans to save them.

Once the ceremony concluded, those in attendance picked up one Natalie’s senior pictures that she picked out along with a rock to serve as a reminder of Natalie, along with a candle. The candles were lit with the light from Natalie’s parents’ candles to signify Natalie’s eternal light. A white lantern was released along with 18 purple ones, her favorite color to represent her rise to Heaven.

Her mother says she can not boil her daughter’s life down to one thing she’ll miss, but she knows when they meet again, she’ll ask her how she liked her party.


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