Columbus Tech Hosted Active Shooter Drill

Emergency workers and law enforcement responded to an active shooter at Columbus Technical College Friday morning. But it was all just a drill.

If you drove by Columbus Tech you might have seen sirens blaring, students running out of the building, and law enforcement running into the building with guns drawn.

The bullet wounds, drawn weapons, and even the mobile morgue – it was all a drill.

Columbus Tech Campus Police Chief Tom Barnes, “Always need to hone our skills and make sure that we’re here for the safety and security for everyone in the facility and our community.”

Campus police along with Columbus Police, Muscogee County Sheriff’s Deputies, Emergency teams, and area hospital employees worked together to make sure they didn’t have any mistakes if this was real.

For Columbus Tech criminal justice major Kendra Feagin, this practice solidified her dreams to protect and serve, “When they first had the layout I didn’t know they’d have other individuals throwing in the hallways and I was going to have to jump over them.”

Feagin wants to become a law enforcement officer. She is a criminal justice student set to graduate in May. She and other students participated in this active shooter training drill.

“This is really realistic. With everything going on in the news with all of these shootings in schools and churches it’s unnerving. It’s just like an eye-opening experience for us to take part in,” she says. “It was a wonderful experience.”

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