14th Street Bridge bathrooms vandalized

COLUMBUS, Ga.- Columbus Police say the men’s room under the 14th Street Bridge was vandalized Wednesday when someone smeared feces on a toilet seat. The report lists it as criminal trespassing, which is a misdemeanor. However, there is not a suspect.

The restrooms cost nearly $250,000, but the city only paid roughly 20% since the rest was covered by the Georgia Department of Transportation. Since they opened in September, the City Manager’s Office says there have been no incidents. They say there a pull down gates that are used late at night to keep people out of them and Uptown Columbus’ Business Improvement District cleans the bathrooms

The seat that was vandalized
The seat that was vandalized

Diane and Eric Liscar have started walking by the river pretty recently, and they were surprised by the incident since the restrooms are so clean. “We kind of look forward to getting to this spot and going into the restroom and having a nice, clean place to take a break while we’re doing our walk” the Liscar’s said. “It just gives us one less place we know we can count on to be able to go in and use the restroom.”

District 10, At-Large City Council member Skip Henderson was one of the council members who voted in favor of the bathrooms. He says the incident is very unfortunate and says the vandalism happens more than it should. However, this will not stop the city from providing the best quality of life to Columbus residents and visitors.

District 9, At-Large City Council member Judy Thomas voted against the bathrooms. She says her concern with the bathroom was the cost since the bathrooms were an addition and were not part of the bridge’s original plan.

The City Manager’s office added that they will be watching the restrooms even closer to make sure an incident like this does not happen again.

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