Columbus State students aim to spread kindness

COLUMBUS, Ga.- Thursday, a freshman class at Columbus State did their part to spread kindness to the rest of the campus.

The class wanted to do a service learning project and decided to do random acts of kindness to students and faculty. The alumni donated t-shirts for them to wear with the #lendahand emblazoned on the back and cougar paws were donated for them as well. Students visited various spots on campus giving out self-generated quotes and other treats to those they came across. Their goal was to do 1,000 of these acts in one hour.

Kayla Malone was one of the students taking part in the first year event and she said, “It gives me a better meaning to my life. Just to know that I can help somebody out and to have them smile means a lot to me because people mean the world to me just like I probably mean the world to another person and it helps me feel good about myself knowing that I can make somebody’s day a great day.”


After the event, students will compile all the photos and videos they took during the day and they will send to friends and teachers from home on social media to spread the good word of kindness.

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