Overnight apartment fire at Lullwater Apartments leaves dozens homeless

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Battalion Chief Glen Bahde tells a News 3 crew on the scene of an apartment fire he estimates at least twenty to thirty people are without a place to call home this morning. The Red Cross is assisting all of these folks this Monday morning with their basic needs.

Bahde says the fire broke out at the Lullwater Apartments located at 8400 Veterans Parkway. More than 1 unit went up in flames. He says a section of the apartments collapsed. It broke out just before 2 this morning. He says the flames were so intense that at one point hot embers were being shot out onto Veterans Parkway.

So far they have no reports of fatalities. However, he can’t confirm that because they have not even conducted their primarily search of the buildings. He says it’s too hot for searching at this point, but they may have a chance when the sun rises and they have officially knocked out the flames.

He says when they arrived they had to park their fire trucks at the street corners because the fire was so intense it would have melted their trucks.

In total Bahde estimates about eight or nine trucks were on scene at the height of the fire in addition to EMS trucks and Columbus Police vehicles.

As a safety precaution the power for the entire complex was shut down affecting countless people, but has since been restored to everyone not affected by the flames.

Again, Red Cross is helping all of these people this morning with the basics like clothing and food. The total cost for this fire is being estimated by Bahde at about $2 million.

The fire is under investigation this morning, but stick with News 3 This Morning as we continue to follow this developing story.

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