Record breaking fundraising at CSU

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Giving is gaining ground at Columbus State University with it’s 5 year first choice comprehensive campaign.

“CSU began its 1st Choice Comprehensive campaign a year ago but they’ve already raised a third of their 5 year goal.”

The First Choice Comprehensive Campaign is a five year campaign with a goal of $100 million. It started just a year ago and has already raised $33 million. Fundraisers hope to raise the 100 million by 2019. So how do students benefit?

“There’s always a club or organization doing something at the clock tower. I always wondered how it was possible? Where is the funding? How does the school do this every single day? I realize it’s all because of people giving to CSU.”Said, Ekta Parab.

“It’s very important to give back and help the next generation get to where you are in the future because of what you have done.” Said, Joel Roop.

Joel is a Geology major who takes advantage of conferences and research projects. Ekta is also an honors student, a group of students who have access to special grants and scholarships.

“The money raised will go to scholarships for students, academic programs , and student life like athletics and greek life.”

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