New solar charging stations bridges gap between 2 major cities

WEST POINT, Ga. – Drivers of electric vehicles, EVs, couldn’t drive their car from Atlanta to Montgomery without stopping before Wednesday.  The Georgia Visitor Information Center in West Point is now home to a solar charging station for electric cars.

The solar charging station for EVs is located along the Ray C. Anderson Memorial Highway, which  is a 16 mile stretch of interstate named after a man who was dedicated to the environment.  Anderson’s grandson, John Lanier, is excited about bridging the gap between communities in Georgia and Alabama with EVs that previously couldn’t have been linked.

“It’s so right.  So smart.  It fits right within the vision of what we imagine this corridor can become.  One that lives in better harmony with our natural systems.  It connects people yes, but it does it by respecting the environment,” Lanier said.

Tim Echols, Georgia’s Public Service Commissioner, hopes visitors find the charging station to be hospitable.

“They’re met by this wonderful solar array and if they’re driving an electric car they can plug-in right here and get all the way to Atlanta from here,” Echols said.

The new solar charging station can fully charge EVs in 25 minutes.  An EV can go about 100 miles when it is fully charged.

At Wednesday’s ceremony, Georgia Department of Transportation officials announced their plans to beautify all 8 welcome centers and 17 rest areas in the state.

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