County elementary schools go without music education

Erin Redden teaches music at Beauregard Elementary School. Redden tells New 3 in her 17 years of teaching for Lee County Schools; she has been the only elementary music teacher for the school system.

Redden said Lee County’s other six elementary schools simply did without.

“I have been the only one for a while, but recently we’ve gotten one new staff member who travels to two elementary schools…one, one week, the other the next week,” said Redden.

Tim Spicer owns a music store in Auburn and said he was delighted to work with Ms. Redden’s students.

Spicer said learning the class was the only one in all of Lee County’s Elementary Schools caught him off guard.

“When we went into some of the county schools last year, I was astonished to see a lot of the students did not have the music opportunities as I did at a young age,” said Reeden.

Neighboring Auburn City Schools have music teachers at all off their elementary campuses.

News 3’s Abby Knight stopped by Phil Wilson’s class at Ogletree Elementary to learn more about their music program.

“For the students to have the expertise of having one teacher, once a week for 45 minutes, it makes our curriculum gets met and met well,” said Wilson.

Ms. Redden tells us support from the community and school system has helped them hire the additional music teacher.

Redden said she hopes to see all Lee County elementary schools will have one, too.

“Just being able to incorporate music at the elementary level, the students are getting a more well-rounded education,” said Redden.

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