Alabama nursing students using virtual patients

(WKRG) – The USA College of Nursing is using new technology to make learning more interactive for students. They are the first graduate program in the state to use a computer program called, “i-Human.”

I-Human provides virtual patients for students to diagnose with health problems. The students interview the patients, as if it were a real-life situation. They can listen to heart sounds as well. Right now, students training to be Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants are utilizing the technology.

Student Marnita Stallworth says the program is very realistic. “What I see on the job is what I see on virtually on the online website. I-Human is amazing. And, I see a lot of improvement in the healthcare setting on the job.” Stallworth says students use the I-Human software from home, which makes studying very convenient. Students also say they enjoy the real-life scenarios presented on the screen, rather than just reading from a textbook.  As the students progress through the program, the cases become more complex.

Dr. Mike Jacobs, The head of USA’s Human Simulation Program, says when it comes to healthcare, “Practice makes perfect, and we offer our students a lot of practice.”

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