Paws Humane holds a pet blessing

Rev. Hull blessing Gibson's dog, Dale.
Rev. Hull blessing Gibson's dog, Dale.

COLUMBUS, Ga.- Last week, many churches celebrated the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. One of things the saint is remembered for is his love of animals. That relationship was put on display Sunday at Paws Humane when pets were blessed.

Nicholas Hull and his wife Leandra adopted Vanilla Bean from Paws in May. On Sunday, Hull was back at the shelter on behalf of Trinity Episcopal Church as he blessed the pets who showed up to the event. Hull says praying for the animals is just as important as praying for any loved one. “Animals are just as much a part of creation as anything else,” Rev. Hull said. “We are all created by the same God. So we believe homes should be blessed in much the same way and we’re called to be good stewards of creation and when we recognize this day, we realize we are fundamentally intertwined.”

Hull and pet owners read aloud prayers and once that was complete, the blessings began.

Sarah Gibson brought her dog Dale, who she adopted from the shelter in February. Gibson says her dog has been a blessing to her and her husband, and today was a day to give back. “She really blessed our lives,” Gibson said. “Helping us really be parents and figure out how to work through problems and how to be real grownups and how to figure out problems when you do stuff wrong.”

Rev. Hull blessing Gibson's dog, Dale.
Rev. Hull blessing Gibson’s dog, Dale.

Among the others who were blessed were Dizzy and Mitternacht. Both of these dogs have been at the shelter the longest and hope today would help them find their forever home.

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