Lynn Westmoreland considering run for Speaker of the House

COLUMBUS, Ga. – House Republicans admit, there is chaos after majority leader Kevin McCarthy dropped out of the race to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House on Thursday.

With McCarthy now out of the race, we’ve now confirmed that Georgia’s own Lynn Westmoreland of the 3rd Congressional District is considering a run.

In a statement to News 3 today, his representatives confirmed.

Representative Westmoreland has expressed interest in running for Speaker of the House and is grateful for the support he’s received so far. He will be speaking with his family and spending time in prayer before he makes a final decision.

It’s not really a surprise to people who follow politics closely that Congressman Lynn Westmoreland is considering a run for Speaker of the House. In fact according to political experts, Westmoreland has been moving up the ladder.

His name has been mentioned by more than a few people as a possible replacement and now our local congressman who represents the 3rd District from Atlanta to Columbus is a real possibility for Speaker of the House.

Westmoreland was House Republican Leader in the Georgia Senate Legislature back in 2001 during a very tumultuous time, when many Georgia politicians were switching parties. For the Chattahoochee Valley and Georgia this could mean a lot of good things to come if Westmoreland gets the votes to become speaker.

“A lot is in it for us. There’s no question having the Speaker in your home district is a tremendous advantage. It means all the goodies and little projects happen in your state have a chance,” says Nick Easton

According to Easton, the chances right now for Westmoreland to be elected Speaker of the House is pretty low.

In today’s political atmosphere, Easton feels the chances are 1 in 435, anyone can be elected and anything can happen. The state of the GOP and what’s going on is unprecedented.

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