Fake police officers lighting up fear among Eufaula community

EUFAULA, Ala.- In recent weeks, there have been four incidents of people impersonating police officers in the Eufaula area.

Tuesday, police say a woman reported someone impersonating an officer. She says she was pulled over by a white, Chevy Impala with dark-tinted windows, spotlight on the driver’s side and blue lights on the inside of the car. The car sat on the side of the road behind the citizen but the driver never got out of the car. The license plate is believed to be an Alabama license plate that begins with 6A and the driver is a white male, possibly with a beard.

Prior to that, in Henry County, there were two instances of females being pulled over by a white, GMC pickup truck. One of the women was assaulted. In Slocomb, Ala., a female was pulled over by someone in a black, Dodge Charger and she too was assaulted.

The Eufaula Police can’t say if this is the same person committing the acts.


The sight of flashing blue lights represent police honoring their oath and protecting the public, but in Eufaula they have shaken up the area due to the recent acts.

Sergeant Donald Brown of the Eufaula Police Department has been an officer since 2007. He enjoys helping people and making sure the right thing is done. He says someone impersonating an officer is very frustrating. “That, somewhat infuriates me because the things we have to go through to become a police officer, it’s no easy task,” Sgt. Brown said. “It’s not something where you just wake up one morning, fill out an application and here you are a police officer.”

Sergeant Brown says the town has patrol persons posted all over the city and have been receiving calls from people regarding the case. Brown added that the easiest thing to do is buying the blue lights. An internet search of “buy blue police lights” brings up more than 5 million results. According to the State Code of Alabama, no vehicle other than a police car can use a blue light.

If you are uncertain someone legitimate is pulling you over: put on your flashers, find a safe spot to pull over, call 911 to see if an officer has been dispatched and if no officer was called out, an officer will be sent to your location.

Lacey Ming is a Eufaula resident and business owner and she says, “Police officers, fire department, those people are our heroes, we look up to them. We look forward to the safety they bring to the community and to know somebody is posing as one of them, not for the good, not for the better of the community but as for personal gain or a vendetta or anything like that, it scares you.”

If you have information on the Eufaula case, you are asked to call 334-687-1200.

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