Columbus ranked top charitable city

COLUMBUS, Ga. – The Columbus area is ranked as one of the most charitable cities in the state and country.

According to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Columbus is in the top four cities in the state and top twenty-five in the country for giving back.

If you take a look at the demographics, some local experts say the Columbus community couldn’t afford to be as charitable as it is, but there is a spirit of giving here and now Columbus is being recognized for it.

Drive by the Valley Rescue Mission in Columbus and you’ll see mums and pansies for sale. Hundreds of people will stop by this fall to support this sale and the work of this local non-profit.

“This provides the men an opportunity to lean a job skill. It’s part of their work therapy,” says Rhonda Mobley.

The Valley Rescue Mission does not receive any government funds so it depends on individual contributions. Mobley says they are able to provide the some 114,000 meals and 35,000 beds each year to those in need because of the charitable spirit of the Columbus Community.

“I think people want their neighbors to have the things they need and to provide for people,” says Rhonda Mobley.

“It never surprises me to hear Columbus is a generous place,” says Betsy Covington.

Betsy Covington with the Community Foundation of Chattahoochee sees a lot of charitable giving go through her foundation. Since it’s inception, its helped to give roughly $180 million locally, giving more than you would think in our area.

“When you look at Columbus in terms of average wages – you wouldn’t think it’s a community that could afford it. I believe people do give because people give what they can.”

The other cities in Georgia on the list include Albany, Macon, and Hinesville as well as Columbus.

Coummunity Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley

Valley Rescue Mission

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