Columbus Chamber of Commerce: let the voters decide.

COLUMBUS, Ga.- The Columbus Chamber of Commerce is supporting a move to place the issue of the residential property tax freeze on the Nov. 2016 ballot.

They are appealing to Columbus City Council to ask the Georgia General Assembly to place it on the ballot come Nov. 2016.

Brian Anderson, the Chambers’ president and CEO says they want the voters to decide. “We just feel that the voters ought to have the chance to consider it,” Anderson said. “We don’t know whether the options on the table are the best ones, but we do believe that we should put it on the ballot for next year and that all of us spend the next year looking at the options, looking at the data and decide which way to vote come November.”


Anderson added that the Chamber has been looking at data up to this point using the prosperity initiative and it showed Columbus is not growing at the rate that competing communities are growing and the tax freeze may be a part of it.

If passed, anyone under the freeze would keep it as long as they live in their home, but other property owners would go into a new system.

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