Text message scam alert on the rise; what you need to know

Scammers are finding new, creative ways to steal people’s identities, to get to their wallets.

The Better Business Bureau says scammers are sending text messages that appear to be an alert from a banking institution saying you need to update your banking profile information by clicking on a link.

The BBB says “do not” click on that link, which looks like came directly from your banking institution. If you do accidentally click on the link, “do not” type in any account numbers, or sensitive information such as your social security number. Local cyber expert Beth Fox provides cyber security training to banks and other institutions around the State of Alabama on how to address scamming problems just like this one. She says the community needs to be alert on the ramifications of clicking on the text message link, and entering personal information.

We got to train our kids, and ourselves as well, and the elderly population as well, that if sounds to good to be true that it is. Because literally within 20 minutes of the time they have your contact information, things are being purchased on the black market, and within an hour you are going to start to see fraudulent charges on your account.

Fox also says people need to be knowledgeable that scams are made to look like as real as possible, but if it looks to good to be true. It probably is. She says anyone concerned about a legitimate banking situation should call their bank directly, and not call your bank through a listed number of that text, or subsequent link attached to the message.

Fox says the numbers are obtained through public information and even unlisted numbers can be subject to these text scams.

Anyone concerned they may fallen victim to a text messaging scam is urged to report that information to their banking institution immediately.


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