Some unsatisfied with Auburn’s downtown Master Plan

The organization “Keep Auburn Lovely” has nearly 1,000 signatures on their online petition; their goal to preserve Auburn’s small town charm.  A spokesman for the group said they simply want their voice heard, especially when it comes to preserving the feel of downtown.

“We want the city planning staff to come back to the city council and say how you can do this, instead of saying what we can’t do,” said Kelley Griswold.

Griswold said his group just wants concerns over density and height addressed in the downtown urban core area.

“We would prefer to have a limited suspension or hiatus in the immediate downtown area as soon as possible,” said Griswold.

City planner, Forrest Cotton said they have got the message, and are working to set a new standard of height.

“Most multi-purpose built student housing would be capped at 60 ft., which is different than what it is today when it is 75 feet across the board,” said Cotton.

The limitation is a compromise between multiple opinions on what the height limit should be in the urban core and surrounding areas, but those changes have yet to take effect.

“That’s not to say that, someone can’t come in with a submitted today. If that is the case, we are required to process that information that application,” said Cotton.

The master plan that has yet to be approved by city council, and is expected to pass in February 2016.

Anna Solomon with keep auburn lovely says that’s just too late, and does not want to see the town continue to develop properties that would not align with the new zoning rules.

“Building and developments can still happen, until the changes are official,” said Solomon.

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