Preparing for 80th Tuskegee vs. Morehouse Classic

History continues this weekend in Columbus when Tuskegee and Morehouse will battle at Memorial Stadium in the 80th Tuskegee-Morehouse classic.

The Golden Tigers have dominated the rivalry in recent years over the Maroon Tigers. Both teams want to be playing their best in this game because they know what it means to their fans.

“It is just a privilege; it’s a privilege for me to be coaching Tuskegee first of all.  To be in this historical classic is even more of a privilege to me,” said Tuskegee Head Coach Willie Slater

“After having lost last year 49-0 and 52-10 the previous year, we were just dominated up front. You could have played both games over ten times. And had the same outcome, Ithink it will be a lot different this year in the fact that we are a lot bigger, a lot stronger, and a lot faster up front,” said Morehouse head coach Rich Freeman.

Kickoff at memorial stadium is at 2pm on Saturday.

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