Parking meters possibly coming to Uptown

A ticket for being parked in the same spot on Broadway for more than 2 hours is a $30 fine.

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Uptown Columbus and business owners discussed the idea of bringing parking meters to Broadway at a meeting earlier this week.  There is currently a two-hour limit for street parking on Broadway.

The idea of parking meters along Broadway in Uptown would allow people to know how much time they have before they a get a ticket, but one business owner thinks meters might discourage people from coming to Uptown.

“From a consumer standpoint, I would say I’m excited about it, but as a business standpoint I would say negative because we have our own customers now that are going to have to stock up on quarters just to come downtown,” said Erin Widick, owner of The Posh Peach.

Some Uptown customers said they would think twice about coming to a business in Uptown if they had to pay to go eat or shop.  One Uptown employee, Haley Kirkman, thinks meters would greatly help the parking situation.

“We can go outside during work and put a quarter in or how much ever it is and that way we don’t get a ticket,” Kirkman said.

The parking meter proposal will have to be discussed at City Council before any changes can be made.

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