Father’s love creates The Discovery Cottage

LAGRANGE, Ga. – One man’s love for his autistic son inspires him to help create a new special needs school.

Students and parents alike are now getting all the support they need in one place.

Being a special needs parent can be a lonely job. Schools many times just aren’t capable or equipped to handle the needs and children are moved around a lot. After years of frustration and no improvement in his son’s condition, one man decided to put his faith in his passion.

Dale Jackson’s seven year old autistic son Colin spent four years at four different schools and four different teachers. He found the perfect fit.

“Their hands were tied. They couldn’t teach and couldn’t teach what my child needed,” says Dale Jackson.

Jackson helped to create his place, The Discovery Cottage, a part of the LaFayette Christian Academy in Troup County. Shoes are always off, colors are bright, the environment is just like a home. To create a calm and comfortable place, something these children need.

“There’s a lot of struggle and challenge with special needs children and parents but it produces unbelievable character,” says Lyn Lacey.

There is a teacher dedicated for every child with an individual program. This school includes brain-based programs, facilitating growth in sensory cognitive academic, and social needs. In just a few months of this school being open, parents are seeing their children blossom.

“Her mind is so creative. She wants to … Well it’s like a garden for her now. She wants to pick every flower,” says Ester McClendon.

“It’s 10 times the magnification for him. But he cant tell us. Every day he just has a smile on his face,” says Dale Jackson.

There are currently six children at The Discovery Cottage. They still have room for four more children. The school is not just for the children. It’s a private Christian school hoping to help the entire family with their special needs.

If you would like to learn more about The Discovery Cottage at LaFayette Christian Academy or if you would like to donate to this cause click the link below.

DONATE: The Discovery Cottage

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