CSU hosts cybersecurity speaker

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Georgia Governor Nathan Deal designated October as Cyber Security Awareness Month.  Columbus State University is participating in Cyber Security Awareness Month by holding events throughout October.

Retired General Lieutenant Ronald Burgess spoke to a crowd at CSU of more than 100 people.  He said the military strongly relies on civilians who have the skills to improve cybersecurity.

Burgess thinks the U.S. has accomplished a lot in the cyber security field, but more needs to be done.

“I’m not talking in that case necessarily just about the technical capabilities.  I’m talking about in terms of policy and in terms of law in terms of what we’re going to require,” Burgess said.

He believes the nation needs to settle the debate over how much information the government needs to know and how much information people want them to know.  Burgess thinks the U.S. needs to improve information sharing from Corporate America to the federal government and vice versa.

There is a cybersecurity bill currently being discussed in the U.S. Senate.  Most of the discussion is focused on information sharing in cyber space.



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