Walk to School Day brings awareness to pedestrian safety

COLUMBUS, Ga. – It’s International Walk to School Day, which means parents and students are encouraged to walk to and from school and motorists are encouraged to watch the roads.

Hundreds of Wynnton Arts Academy students marched together this morning from Wynnton Road Methodist Church to their school. This is an annual celebration the school along with safe kids Columbus and FedEx hold to bring awareness to pedestrian safety.

Every year in Columbus a child is killed and several kids are treated in emergency rooms because of pedestrian injuries. Today’s event was designed to help educate children and families about the importance of being safe. It’s also a way to celebrate being healthy by walking to school.

“I think that anything we can do to get our kids moving and exercising, it’s great for their spirit, it’s great fro their mind,and it’s great for their bodies,” says Mary Thompson, Wynnton Arts Academy Media Specialist.

Child pedestrian injury remains the number two cause of unintentional injury death among children ages 5 to 14 in the US. In the US around 585 children ages 0 to 14 are killed.

Additionally there are more than 33,500 visits to the emergency room due to pedestrian injuries. Be on the look out for kids on road, around 7 in the morning, and around 2 in the afternoon.

Across the country, international walk to school day is dedicated to walking to school with a purpose promoting physical activity, safety, health, and concern for the environment.



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