Breast Milk Bank location opens in Auburn

Ashley Lovell assists women, before, during, and after child birth, and said she remembers helping her friend in the Auburn area during delivery.

“I was there when she gave birth; I was there to rub her back, and squeeze her hips, and to support her through that,” said Lovell.

Unfortunately, that child died at birth, which left a lot of emotional scars. Lovell said the mother’s decision to donate her unused breast milk helped her cope with losing the child.

“She drove her first donation to Birmingham because that was her baby’s milk and she wanted to give it to someone,” said Lovell.

“It gave her a rhythm, it gave her a reason to get out of bed, a reason to eat healthy…at times it was numbing at times it was healing,” said Lovell.

Since then, Lovell has helped set up a breast milk bank in the Auburn/Opelika community.

Dr. Rusty Herring who is a chiropractor at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic donated space and purchased a cooler to house local breast milk donations.

“We were willing and able to do that, and wanted to support those mom’s and that health choice,” said Dr. Herring.

The donations are then delivered to Birmingham at the “Mother’s Milk,” which is a milk bank in Alabama.

According to the milk bank, all donors have to go through testing, and then their milk is tested again, and given additional supplements, so mothers in Alabama can use it.

They tell us the milk stays within the state and meets all regulations.

Lovell warns women about using breast milk purchased online.

“Buying milk online is not the way to do it, those women having an incentive to sell that milk,” said Lovell.

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