Family Advocacy Program hosts anti-bullying event

family advocacy program

FORT BENNING, Ga. – The Family Advocacy Program hosted an anti-bullying group for parents.  Lydia Brookshire, who spoke at the event, said bullying is a societal problem.

Brookshire told the crowd about how her daughter grew up being bullied.  She talked to the audience about how she and her family go through this.  She said her daughter coming home to a loving family was the best way they dealt with it.

“It was awful.  As a parent you feel helpless, but the difference between my experience as a parent and parents today, and that’s something we will talk about tonight, is technology,” Brookshire said.

She said bullying is way worse now with the use of social media.

Brookshire’s daughter founded Kids Against Meanness, Ridicule and Aggression, or KARMA.  KARMA has spoken to 600,000 parents, teachers and students about bullying across the country.

Brookshire brought a quilt with her.  It was made up of items parents gave her from their children who committed suicide because of bullying.

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